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Mount Payaopao - San Agustin Romblon


Breathtaking views? We got it for you! Here’s Mt. Payaopao for all the adventurous mountain climbers and soul-searchers out there. The majestic landscape is 665 meters (or 2,164 feet) high and is located at Barangay Sugod. Travelers who love trekking and nature viewing will surely enjoy this Mt. Payaopao, also known as Tablas Summit, the second-highest mountain in the whole province of Romblon. Resembling a shape similar to a volcano, it captivates you on to look at even more. Going up there, your first stop will be an open meadow. This is a good rest stop where you can also take photos or just enjoy the view of Carmen Bay. Next up is the steeper incline going up but don’t worry, reaching the peak will surely be worth your effort. The reward is a panoramic view of the vicinity. Check out the island’s peak and experience the gift of nature. Don’t miss the chance to climb one of the highest mountains here in Romblon! Start your own trek!

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