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About - San Agustin Romblon


San Agustin (formerly Guintigi-an and Badajoz), is a 4th class Municipality in the Province of Romblon, Philippines. Located on the biggest island of Romblon, the Tablas Island. Composed of 15 Barangays; Cawayan, Mahabang Baybay (Long Beach), Sugod, Carmen, Cabolutan, Cagbo-aya, Poblacion, Dubduban, Doña Juana, Binonga-an, Lusong, Hinugusan, Buli, Camantaya, and Bachawan. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 22,598 people.

Based on the history, San Agustin was known during Spanish times as “Guintigui-an” because of the abundance of a fish called “tigue” in the area. Now, San Agustin is still known for its fish abundance, their delicacies, festivities; Kalipayan Festival held during the month of August and Sabwagan Festival held every month of February and July, its Tourism attractions, including beaches, waterfalls, diving site, etc., the hospitality and resilience of the people, and their Bisayan language with slight dialect variations.

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